The Yam Fam makes queer romance comics & fanbooks, telling honest gay stories that unfold at the intersection of life and love. Together they’ve published Boy, I Love You: A BL Comics Anthology, and a variety of original minicomics & fanbooks about boys kissing.


Emily “Wem” Forster is small cartoonist from Hawaii living in Queens, NY. She likes stories about food and love, the two things in this world that will always be good. She makes comics and fanzines with her kindred spirits in The Yam Fam.




Kou Chen is a Taiwanese American cartoonist living in Brooklyn. He grew up in California, then Taiwan, and returned to the States to study cartooning in New York. Kou loves Eastern fantasy, food, and indulgently cool and sexy comics.




Eric Alexander Arroyo is a Miami-born Cuban American cartoonist who feels naked without a denim jacket. He currently lives in Brooklyn, and is definitely drawing giant robots while listening to ABBA.